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Medium church picnic 2018 planning center 2

RTLC Summer Baptism

Group type: Events
Schedule: Sunday- 6/24/18
Medium church picnic 2018 planning center 2
This group is open to new members.
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In your email back to usĀ  please include:

Your first and last name
Tshirt size
Phone number

We are so excited for you!!
Please don't forget to bring a change of clothes, a towel, and a bible.
Be sure to wear appropriate clothes for the Baptism (t-shirt & shorts)

There will be no 1pm service that day.
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  • Beth Svetlev phone-thick-o icon 269-429-0687
  • Cherie Bowers phone-thick-o icon 312 497-3517
  • Dave Werner phone-thick-o icon 269-921-8560
  • Jackie Conner phone-thick-o icon 2699448770
  • Kelly Black phone-thick-o icon 2698613385
  • Kevin Bowers phone-thick-o icon 269 365-7543
  • Lisa Lynch phone-thick-o icon 2693690223